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Why It Pays To Be Negative

What can Pollyanna learn from Eeyore?

Are you an eternal optimist? Always looking at the bright side?

person holding happy face balloon in front of their face
I don't want to hear anything negative.

No matter what happens, you can turn it into something positive. It’s an inspiring skill.

Yay for you!

Before we’re blinded from the shine from your halo, let’s take a minute to appreciate the Pessimist.

negative face drawn on yellow block
What? Who wants to hear from a pessimist?

Optimists are more fun. Who wants to be a Pessimist?

The truth is, both benefit from each other. Balance might sound boring but....

Optimists entice us with illusions of ease, excitement, and extravagance, but often ignore the necessary details a Pessimist focuses on.

Do you see “Yes, but…,” as a blockage or an invitation to explore?

Slow and steady.


Optimists’ energy is colorfully radiant until they wear out. Relentless exuberance is exhausting, including for those around them.

Pessimists’ energy is quiet and carefully held. Their pace gear is low and slow, making optimists crazy.

Optimists: Even stars burn out eventually. Let your light shine but turning down the brightness occasionally lets it last longer.

Pessimists: Rev it up a bit. Movement lifts moods. Try something a little different from your usual routine. Twice. You can always change back.


Optimists are blissfully confident their carefully plotted tight schedules are the height of efficiency. “I’ll be there in a second!” (When has that ever been true?)

Pessimists overestimate how long tasks take and can’t get started because the size of their estimate daunts them. “OMG, I’ll never finish!”

Optimists: Give yourself and others realistic time to arrive, plan time for transitions between activities, and unscheduled time to decompress and flow. Some of the best times happen serendipitously.

Pessimists: Check your estimates with an Optimist. Accuracy is somewhere between the two of you.

gilded hand holding gilded banana
Are you hoarding because you don't trust the future?


Optimists can blow through cash reserves quickly on the conviction there is always more coming. The Law of Attraction says so, right?

Pessimists can become frugal to the point of miserliness for fear what they have is all they’ll ever have. Paradoxically, they’ll often overspend on many small purchases of lesser quality that quickly become useless, but keep them because 'they cost money'.

Optimists: Yes, there probably will be more coming, but consider the Pessimist’s risk-averse opinions. Marketers prey on you. Even you can run out of money. Get real about your habits. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Pessimists: It’s OK to spend money. Sometimes products and purchases are good investments. Money is a tool, a resource, but useless if not used. Remember King Midas.

Opposites can attract, repel, or coexist. It’s your choice.

Optimist or Pessimist? Red or blue? Yellow or black?

Blend. Between red and blue is purple; between yellow and black is green.

The best choices are somewhere between extremes.

Optimists can learn to acknowledge risks. Pessimists can learn to trust that not all risks will come to pass.

Smart people question their judgments, biases, and assumptions. Be slow to judge.

two people bumping fists in agreement
Together we are better.


Who challenges your thinking? How do you know if you're on a good track?

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