Trusted support to help you

organize your life. 

Whether it's small adjustments or big changes wise people know collaborating with a realistic partner creates the changes you want faster.

  • Clarify your thinking

  • Have more enjoyable relationships

  • Create living and working spaces you'll be proud of

  • Organize your time, home, papers, emails, tasks, and thinking

  • (fill in what you're looking for)

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Signs you can use a coach or virtual organizer
  • Dissatisfied with aspects of your life or work

  • Want changes but don't know where to begin

  • Start and stop, start and stop, start and stop

  • Do best when someone helps keep you on track

  • Find direction when you hear yourself discuss things aloud

What's next?

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I'll call or email you to schedule a free time to talk about you and your goals.


Then, in our meetings, we'll review where you are currently and define your next steps, based on your wants and needs.


Typically, we meet by phone or online for 15-45 minutes, 2-4 times a month for 2-3 months, or for as short or long as you'd like. Easy peasy.

Coaching is economical and smart. 


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I'm Leslie, and since 1999 I have been helping smart people like you master their days, decisions, and lives. It's a privilege. People say they feel better,  more decisive, and confident when we talk.


The highlight of my day is when you feel good, have an aha! moment, close an elusive decision, speak your truth, know your path, and share the success of your attention and efforts.


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