You're here because you want trusted support to help you organize your projects and life. This is the right place.
Coaching is a perfect fit to help you focus on what you want and how to get there. 
At times we can feel unsure, disorganized, and maybe even a little confused or overwhelmed. Whether it's big changes or small adjustments, wise people know collaborating with a realistic, trusted partner creates:
  • clearer thinking
  • long-lasting personal skills
  • more insightful thinking
  • happier relationships
  • increased financial security
  • more enjoyable living and working spaces
  • (fill in what you're looking for)
The Process:
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               I'll call or email you to schedule a free time to talk about you and your goals. 
                  You'll choose what works for you in terms of how and when we meet.          
                        In our meetings we'll review where you are, including current concerns, and define your next steps.
                             Remember to complete the Mastery Self Assessment that addresses 10 key life areas.
Be easy in your day, in your relationships & in your mind.

Life throws us option dilemmas, and opportunities.t can be daunting. You'd like to explore your possibilities, but even thought family and friends mean well, they can't be objective enough. Therapy isn't the answer, you just need a sounding board. 

When we talk together, you'll become more self-aware, confident, organized, and decisive.  It's reassuring to have someone who is focused on you, without their own agenda or opinions in mind.


Coaching doesn't have to be entirely ambitious goal-oriented. Many clients rely on coaching to navigate day-to-day decisions, work and home relationships, and to gain from the ways collaborative discussions brings out previously unknown options. You don't have to go it alone.

Woman taking notes
Virtual Organizing 
Control your time, papers, spaces, stuff & tasks.

When these seemingly simple but essential issues block your peace of mind and success, it's time to organize them.

Everyone needs help occasionally managing life's clutter. Get the benefit of trusted, caring coaching and instructional support that provides direction and keeps you focused.

I'm Leslie, and since 1999 I have been helping smart folks just like you master their days, decisions, and lives. It's a privilege. People tell me they feel better,  more decisive and confident, when we talk.


The highlight of my day is when you feel good, have an aha! moment, close an elusive decision, speak your truth, know your path, and share a high five over the success of your attention and efforts. Want to know more? Click here


I'm here to support you, too. Let's chat.