I'm looking forward to meeting you.

ADD and I are well acquainted. I know how it can mask the smart, creative, big person you are.


Our shared goal is to bring out your best. 


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Together we are better!

~Leslie Robison

Life throws a lot our way. Sometimes ADD doesn't help.

Keeping up with daily details and demands takes effort and energy.

Bills and bosses, kids and kittens, friends and family...they all require diligent care.  Attention

and memory challenges complicate things.  It's easy to become overwhelmed and miss the fun

stuff that's in them.

But it doesn't have to be precarious and exhausting. 

I'm guessing you're here to find out how to stop feeling like if you drop one more thing your world will crash.


But you can be on top of things and thrive.  

After decades of coaching and organizing professionally, I've developed a relaxed yet consistent approach that helps you declutter and manage your time, spaces, information, and even your attitude.


Simple and relaxed is not lazy or mismanaged. It's smart, especially if ADD is in your vocabulary. 

You have the right to an easier life.  


With that right comes a challenge to try new ways of thinking and doing things, the more creative the better! Luckily, you get to choose what works best for you. The success proof is in the outcome. 

It feels good when your life is in order and your day goes smoothly. You'll be able to enjoy opportunities without feeling guilty something's unfinished.

Typical concerns clients bring:

  • Changing the negative voices

  • Improving credibility with yourself and others

  • Creating routines that aren't boring

  • Dismantling paper piles

  • Avoiding late fees 

  • Planning meals

  • Filing taxes on time

  • Decluttering and planning spaces to be proud of

  • Self care without neglecting others

Start here.

Organize your thinking and goals with the Self-Assessment. It's fast, free, and private. 


Ready? Let's collaborate. 


Who?     You and me.

How?     By phone, text, Zoom, FaceTime-whatever works for you, with short quick check-ins or longer explorations.

What?    We develop systems that work for you. We focus on your values, your priorities, and what it takes to keep you on                                     track and on time. 

                You'll identify what you're tolerating and ways to reduce or erase them. 


                You'll learn the CALM way to organize anything.

                You'll grow to rely on STEP and the 4 Ps to remind and ground you in high-quality planning.

Why?     You're here for your reasons and goals. Let's work with them. 

Is it affordable?  

                Fees are surprisingly reasonable, and we craft this to work for you. Let's talk about this, too, when you schedule                                       our chat.       

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You know, when I wrote that email to you, I took care to clarify what I was talking about and organized the text so I was clear, which helped me to figure out the issues.  And then your questions in response were spot on!   ~S. B. 

"Leslie, our phone call was extremely helpful.  


I have said it more than once before, I benefit so much by working with you.  You offer so much professional, right on target insights, and personal awareness and understanding to all of my concerns." J. W.