Leslie Robison has been coaching, organizing, expediting and guiding people toward their goals since 1999. Trained as a coach & professional organizer, she continues to lead, inspire and help curious and motivated people create better situations at home and at work.


She has authored teaching materials and trained many peers in her years of affiliation with the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and was taught excellence in coaching by Coach U.


Most importantly, for over 20 years as a constant and confidential investigator and observer of adult thinking and behavior, she’s learned from all clients and is proud to relay that experience in helping others. 


Individuals, Small business owners, single owner offices, professionals, managers of all levels, corporate staff and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.

“Deep bow to Leslie for helping me organize my thoughts, business, house, and life. She is not only a skillful and patient organizer and business coach, but has also become a valued and dear friend.“   Amy Tuttle, Nourishing Aliveness

Leslie Robison 

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