• have places you want to go, and I can help you get there. 

  • want to improve your relationships, and we can work together for positive changes. 

  • suspect your credibility at work and home could be better, and we can improve that. 

  • decide best by thinking out loud, and I listen and help you clarify your thoughts.

  • want to be more productive, and we will increase your efficiency.

  • appreciate it when someone helps you track projects, and we will plan and follow up.

  • can get overwhelmed with managing your time, spaces, and information, and I can help.


Individuals, small  business folks, and especially those with Attention Deficit Disorder. (I prefer Attention Diffused Differently.)

Why work with me? 

My motto is to teach, help, hug in whatever order

you need at the moment.

You get the benefit of my 23-plus years of organizing

and coaching.

I can offer you a program to follow, but you don't need to follow a rigid formula to work with me. We focus on you.  Bring what's on your mind.

I don't trivialize what's bugging you or think I know it all. One size never fits all. 

In homes, offices, and workshops, hundreds of people have taught me from their shared stories, conundrums, and rich lives. Plus, I draw on my own experiences as a daughter, stepdaughter, sister, single mom, married mom (stay-at-home and working outside the house) inherited-mom, wife, solo, partner, friend, solopreneur, author, and coach.

I've been a part of raising 4 smart, talented, brave adults. I’ve helped design and build two houses (never do your own drywall), enjoy gardening, interesting food, biking, and a good IPA.

So I get at least some of what you're dealing with. You'll fill in what I don't know about you.

People tell me I am thoughtful and make things easier for them. My strongest trait is curiosity. (What's yours?) I love what I do, who I am, and life in general. You can too.


You're bigger than your stuff, better than your negative self-judgment, have skills and talents to share, and are ready to make things better. 

Here's the official version:

Leslie Robison has been coaching, organizing, expediting, and guiding people toward their goals since 1999.


Trained as a coach & professional organizer, she continues to lead, inspire, and help curious and motivated people create better situations at home and at work.


She has authored teaching materials and trained many peers in her years of affiliation and board memberships with the National Association of Professional Organizers Philadelphia and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. In addition to targeted training by relevant professional groups, she was taught excellence in coaching by Coach U. 

Press includes the Philadelphia Inquirer, Allentown Morning Call, Parents Magazine, Boyertown Times, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, and other outlets. 

Continuously leading workshops on ways to master your day to master your life is an important focus that has earned kudos from attendees, and educational, community, and business groups. 


Most importantly, for over two decades as a constant confidential investigator and observer of adult thinking and behavior, she’s learned from all clients and is proud to relay that experience in helping others. 

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Leslie Robison

coach / partner / expediter / guide / friendly nudge