Your best life happens when you

master your daily details

with confidence and pride. 




You're smart, talented, curious, and ready.

Remember the embarrassment of the last time you were late because you couldn’t find a critical piece of paper?  Perhaps you felt

the irritation of friends and family when they asked yet again if you would be ready on time. Wouldn't it feel great to stop those comments with a new reputation for reliability?

You see, when you're distracted by the noise of cluttered situations, too many demands, uncontrolled information, and all the other demands life throws at us, it's impossible to reach for the things that matter most to you. Daily hassles control you. Let's change that.

Improvements happen one small action at a time.  

They begin when you know where to put your attention. Everyone appreciates easier days yet often don't know where to begin to make positive changes. Something is missing. This private assessment tool is just for you.





Here are a few key areas this simple exercise spotlights for a balanced, healthy full life.  

  • Fun & recreation

  • Financial health

  • Organized spaces

  • Reputation 

  • and more...

"Our conversation yesterday was so helpful! I feel blessed to have you in my corner.

You are so easy to talk with that I found myself unguarded, just telling it like it is.

It is your attitude that fosters that kind of candidness. And after we hung up I realized

that I had more energy and felt lighter..."  Thanks so much for your support! SB

Smart people know there is more to life than just yesterday or today. Be ready for your tomorrows.
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I'm Leslie, and for decades I've taught and coached people to organize their lives at home and at work. Conversations lead to clear thinking and the intentional actions that are the foundation of a masterful life.  


I'm eager to collaborate with you as you choose, and follow, the paths that take you where you want to go.  

Having a trusted partner is especially important if you suspect, or have been identified, as having AD/HD. Attention Deficit Disorder is common. I call it Attention Diffused Differently and know it's an asset, especially when guided


There's non-judgmental help here.

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