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"I don't know how to deal with my piles of papers. It's embarrassing."

"I wish I knew how to manage my time better." 
"I can't do that until after I get organized."

Mastery Made Simple

Short, convenient online classes that help you master the details of daily life.

Master Your Time  

How you manage your time is the foundation for your organized life. Are you often late? Stressed for time? In this online class you'll learn how to get the most out of your day and enjoy your free time even more.

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Organize Your Paperwork Like a Pro      

Information is powerful! Managing it well is an essential part of a masterful life, and it feels great when you can find what you need.  You'll learn what tools professional organizers rely on, what to keep and where to keep it, what to scan and shred. Includes knowing what emergency and legacy information you'll need to gather before a crisis. 

This class includes a private 15-minute phone meeting for your personal questions. 

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Understanding Chronic Disorganization     

Some folks are naturally tidy and precise, and some are not. Living and working together can be challenging for both.

You'll learn reasons for chronic disorganization and tips, resources, and insights that will enlighten and create better conditions and relationships.


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Decisions, Decisions            

We make hundreds of decisions every day, and it's easy to become overwhelmed and get stuck in indecision. Increase your confidence when you learn how to make better choices. You'll save time and money with confidence.


Clean Faster Than The Pros

Cleaning takes time away from what you'd rather do, so why not use proven methods to do it quickly? A masterful life includes clean and safe surroundings, but that doesn't mean spending a lot of time scrubbing. You'll know which tools the pros use and how to use them effectively. 

Love Your Organized Home 

You'll feel like a pro when you organize your spaces for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. Spend a little time in this easy-access class and save hours of wasted time by knowing where to focus your efforts. You'll learn what 5 essential elements to look for and develop a plan to make your home look and feel its best.  Coming Soon!

You Don't Get It

It's frustrating when you're not understood. They feel the same when you're not catching their point. This session reduces miscommunications by learning the coach approach to building your listening and questioning skills. Your relationships will be better with less drama and more understanding.  Coming Soon!


Join me in Mastery Made Simple 

sessions to learn more ways to be pleased with yourself and live an

easier, more confident life. 


Your presentation was interesting, helpful, and fun. 


And thanks to you, I've found myself trying different methods to be organized.


It's working! ~B. W. 

5 more ways to enrich your masterful life

Task Mastery Studio
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Coaching for personal success & productivity
There's simply no substitute for exclusive attention and ongoing support for you and your unique goals, especially if ADD is in your vocabulary. 

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