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Minutes to Mastery Group


    A Mastermind group takes you from I'm stuck or I wish I'd known to

Thanks. I've got this.

New group starts October 26, 2022!
There's a spot open for you.

No matter the size, life and projects need plans, attention, and wise choices.  

Meet regularly with a small group of people who are eager to share insights, wisdom, and energy.

We help each other stay on track so you won't keep wasting time, money, and frustration reinventing, or being lost in indecision.


How does it work?

  • Up to 5 people meet online for 1 hour Wednesdays at 1 pm ET.

  • We focus on each member's goals, challenges, and next steps. 

  • Each group runs for 10 sessions and is only $159!

  • What's next?

  1. Click on one of the buttons to the right.

  2. We'll have a short phone call.

  3. Add the dates to your calendar.

  4. Get going!


Who is it for? You, if you are ready to

  • Try different things and share what you've learned.  

  • Enjoy a community interested in your success, whatever that means to you.

  • Learn a gentle way to have better conversations, relationships, and accomplishments.




Is there a specific topic?

​Generally, it's about ways to organize time, info, and spaces.

Use the Mastery Self Assessment for more ideas.

Cost? Crazy affordable.

  • $159 for the 10 session package

  • Payable before starting

  • Fully refundable if canceled before the 3rd session

What are you waiting for?  

"​I’m extremely grateful to be part of an organizing group that Leslie facilitates.  I’m getting the help I wanted with my project...and so much more!  Leslie is laser-sharp, very supportive and highly-skilled, addressing each of our needs and questions and making her suggested solutions applicable to all of us. Every session is filled with very valuable teachings, insights and resources!  She also leads us in such a way that group members care and support one another.  I can’t recommend Leslie highly enough!" E. M. 


"Catalyst. You bring order to my life. Thank you."                                                                                       J. S. 
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    Learn more about me, Leslie Robison.
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