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Take the 1-Week 'No Buts' Challenge

Expand your story with a simple word substitution

Big changes start with small actions, ideas, and challenges to your accustomed ways of doing things.

I have a challenge for you. I'm asking you to mindfully substitute the word and for the word but this week.

This seems silly. What’s the point?

Words are powerful, especially the ones that fall out of our mouths without much thought. Often, we don’t listen closely enough to what we say and how our habitual word choices subtly affect opinions and outcomes.

How we use words is a big topic, and I thought I’d start with the word but.

But has many meanings, and it’s easy to forget that when it's used as a conjunction, it contradicts, negates, what came first.

The word and joins the parts of a sentence. One enhances the other.

Before you glaze over with memories of elementary school grammar, here’s an example.

picture of a person's feet wearing yellow shoes
But, his shoes are YELLOW!

“Frank is a super person, but his shoes are yellow.”

What does the color of Frank’s shoes have to do with his character?

Now, read the difference substituting and for but makes.

“Frank is a super person, and his shoes are yellow.”

In this version, Frank is still super and has colorful shoes. (If his shoe color affects your opinion of him that much, we should talk.)

Try the simple but ... whoops! ... simple AND powerful No Buts challenge. It'll expand your thinking in simple and unexpectedly powerful ways.


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