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balance vision and action
Swirling ideas?

It wasn’t that she couldn’t. She could. Or that she didn’t want to. She did.

Susan was stuck because the ideas were swirling around in her mind, full of color and possibilities, but lacked direction. She “couldn’t get her head around it.” (What an odd saying!)

“You make things so doable!” she exclaimed.

How did we get her to clarity and action?

We traded questions and used a mind map to explore the myriad of elements needed to move from vision to completion. Whether digital or on paper, mind mapping is a great tool to start your planning process.

It helped Susan identify what she needed in terms of time, money, supplies, and help. Arranging these needs into a strategy of resources, schedules, and tasks made her feel knowledgeable and confident.

It could have been a tedious effort to a visionary like her, yet it wasn’t because we stayed focused on the excitement and value of the outcome.

A series of quick and economical “check-in” conversations and emails kept her on track.

Every project starts with a vision and is brought into being by asking questions and defining and completing tasks. Some people can create and complete on their own. Most need help. (Forgot my motto of Teach, Help, Hug? Read here.)

What’s your vision? What do you want to do yet can’t start or finish? Who can help?

Print the Mind Map example to get started.

Need brainstorming or accountability support? I’m here to help.


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