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A personal motto can be a big help when you’re confused, overwhelmed or need inspiration. It’s a few words or a phrase that give you direction and purpose when you’re stressed or not sure which way to turn.

The Golden Rule may be the best known.

“Leaves of three, leave it be” helps us avoid poison ivy rashes.

“This too shall pass” coaxes us to look past current travails.

“Pennywise, pound foolish” reminds us of the value of careful planning.

“I’ve done it before and I can do it again” encourages us to keep trying.

“Teach, help, hug” is one of mine. It’s the driver behind what I offer clients, and to family and friends when more than the simple enjoyment of their company is needed.

Teach, help, hug. Powerful.

There are times when people need to learn new skills or ways of thinking. Learning can only go so far before you need someone to help you lift the load.

A hug, either physical or in the form of compassion, soothes and supports without the patronizing that comes from helping or instructing someone who doesn’t want either.

Share your motto with me? I’ll add them to a future email (without your name).

Your motto might be just the thing that teaches someone that there is help available in the form of an anonymous hug.


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