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Mastery Coaching and Consulting’s Privacy Policy

This page is to inform you of our efforts to keep your information private, how we and the third parties we work with collect and protect your privacy, and what you can do to protect yourself.

It also reminds you of how you may share any Mastery Consulting work you have been given personally, online or from a third party. You may share any article, thought, handout or other information given to you personally, from an email, the website, blog or other publication from Mastery Consulting, as long as it is shared in its entirety and credit is given.

If you are reading this, you have read one of our emails, visited the website and chosen to view this or have opted in on to receive social media.


First and foremost, we only collect information we genuinely need to serve your coaching, organizational and educational needs. We do not share this information with anyone and take all reasonable precautions to keep your information confidential. You always have the right to ask and expect that your information will be purged upon your request. 


We collect some of your personal information when we interact online, by phone and in person. That includes the usual: your name, contact information, possibly your work or home physical and email addresses and any other information you ask we store if we work together. We sometimes work with trusted providers to produce our marketing materials—they do not collect your information but may see your contact information during routine administrative activities. Also, when you participate in workplace or community learning events, we are given your name and sometimes your contact information from the event coordinators. They have their own privacy policies. We have no control over what they collect, who they share it with and how long they keep it. We keep your name and contact information indefinitely with the sole intent of contacting you on a personal or business level for reasons we feel important.  


In order to serve you better, we have chosen a few well-known online services to deliver information to you with the sole intention of helping you learn and grow your life: Constant Contact for emailed informational newsletters, Apple and Gmail for individual emails, Wix (website platform), Google Analytics, and social media such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and WordPress. This list may change as we maintain the right to choose the best, most reliable services available.  They, in turn, have their own privacy policies and you are advised to be aware of their policies before choosing to participate with them. We will not add your information to these sites unless you specifically ask or allow us to. We have no control over what they collect, who they share it with and how long they keep it. They offer unsubscribe options and we encourage you to remove yourself from any sites you feel aren’t safe, respectful of your privacy and worth your precious time and attention. Each of them is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant in their own right. 


Links to other sites. In an effort to provide you with excellent service, we will offer information (links within an email, blog, post or our website) on other services we think will benefit you. Remember, what works well for one person doesn’t guarantee success for another. In that vein, as always, use your discretion on contacting and utilizing any services or websites.


Usual use of “cookies”. The Norton company, a trusted name in cyber security, has a page describing cookies, how they work and how to control their use. Click here to go to their site. 


Financial Information: We are aware of your financial institution information (name, account number) when you pay by check or credit card. We do not save that information.


Minors. We will never knowingly post any material that we feel is inappropriate for minors. 


Complaints, Concerns and Curiosity. Please contact us with any questions and observations on how we can improve your experiences with us in person or online. 


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