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Ask me when you don't know who to ask.

"Am I  weird? I wish someone would help me...."

  • FIND a...

  • TALK to my...

  • FILE my papers.

  • REMIND me to...

  • TEACH me how to...

  • HELP me get started.

  • TELL me what to do next.

  • MAKE appointments for me.

  • KEEP me from leaving the room.

  • SCRIPT what I'm supposed to ask.

  • PLAN & TRACK my projects and tasks.

  • DECIPHER what the architect is saying.

  • EXPLAIN to them what I'm trying to say.

  • COWORK remotely to keep me focused.

  • SIT with me while I go through my memory boxes.

  • GIVE me a new perspective so I don't knock their block off.

  • OPEN my mail, pay my bills, balance the accounts, file the papers.

  • BE WITH and help my aging parents do what they need to do for their and my future.

  • CALL the insurance or utility company, or the other people I just can't bring myself to call.

  • GO with me to the doctor, the showroom, the lawyer and  accountant, the cemetery office.

  • NOTICE and high-five me for all the flippin' hard work I do that no one else seems to appreciate

These are actual examples of what I've helped clients do. They've often commented that they felt weird sharing that they need help in these areas.


It's not quitting to ask for help!  It’s a mature thinker who recognizes the need for a hand.


Change "I’m not good at that" to "I just needed some help!” 

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My motto is

TEACH: You're not born knowing every damn thing. 

HELP: Sometimes you just need a hand.  

HUG: Sometimes you just want someone to be there.

This is what clients love about my services

I love them and what they share with me.

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