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Complete your tasks in less time with Task Mastery Studio.

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It's like your co-workers are waiting for you at the coffee shop 3 days a week.


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With so much competing for your attention, it's challenging to settle down and stay focused.

The Voice of Distraction interrupts your concentration. Tasks pile up. 

Quiet that nagging voice and feel peacefully assured because you've already dedicated time to complete those tasks.  


Meets by Zoom 3 times a week Eastern

Tuesday & Thursday 7-9 am

Wednesday 3-5 pm

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I'm surprised how much more I accomplish more when we work together. -G.S.

The Details

  • Register today. Get an email with a link to the Zoom studio. 

  • You'll be muted during the meetings.

  • Know what tasks you want to check off your list.

  • Commit to your coworkers in chat for even more accountability.

  • Attend any or all meetings. 

  • BONUS! A free monthly 15-minute check-in with me to clarify your goals and how to get there. To be scheduled outside TMS time. 


The most important investment you can make is in yourself. 

Make this appointment with your future today. 


Feel calmer because

you know you'll get to it.


Let's get our stuff done together.


Your concentration will improve by joining me and others.


Crazy? Maybe. Try it and see. Nothing to lose. Lots to gain.


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