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You're the Organized One. How Can You Be Late?!

I arrived 20 minutes late, and it wasn’t due to traffic. I had misjudged the amount of time I needed to do something before leaving for my appointment.

My career is dedicated to helping people master their time, space, information and decisions, so it doesn’t look good if I’m late or can’t find something.

It disappoints people and makes me look less credible.

But I don’t feel less credible because I know everyone makes mistakes. Tasks sometimes take longer than predicted, papers can stick together, and things get lost. Life gets messy at times, despite our best efforts.

As a coach and organizer, my goals, for both you and me, are to improve our punctuality, to find what we need quickly and to accept when we are less than perfect.

We don’t aim for perfection because it’s not obtainable.

We work toward living a better life one choice at a time by having methods and philosophies to make good decisions. We adjust them as we learn from our experiences. We do the best we can with what we have.

In this late-year season of highlighting the things and people we are grateful for, let’s be thankful that, for the most part, we’re on time, organized enough, insightful, and self-aware.

That we’re intentional about being more masterful, kinder and more generous when things don’t go as we expected, and that we keep our expectations realistic.

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