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What's the Holdup?

Indecision blocks mastery.

Fire and hire?

Pay or defer?

Call or email?

Notice that soft voice in your mind undermining your confidence in your choices? We all have it--the Saboteur.

“If you choose green, you’ll be embarrassed if the better choice was blue.”

“If you had waited two days, you could have spent less.”

When all options look daunting or possible, it helps to figure out what the saboteur’s voice is saying.

Still stuck?

Coaches make decisions more easily by changing the range of choices and helping you to be objective about consequences. It gets easier to make choices on your own when you learn new decision-making tools.

Don’t have a coach? You could also ask a friend who is patient, objective, experienced, impartial, opinion-less, agenda-less, confidential, calm, accepting, and an available listener. Whew! Still, coaches are quicker, and the only agenda I have is your ease and confidence.

Even coaches have coaches. (Present company included.)

Here’s a quick sample about what might be swirling about in your background when you are stuck.

Insightful questions boost confidence and comfort in your decisions.

Confidence boosts mastery.

And mastery feels really good.


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