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The Urge is Unmistakable

Spring....clean up, clear out, and be ready.

The delight we feel when Spring arrives is almost palpable.

Fresh airflow and new sunlight angles highlight the stagnation that builds during long winters, especially in the northern climes. Spaces look different in the changed light, and there's a call to clean and spruce up.

We smile when throwing open the windows to invigorating fresh breezes that sweep through our rooms.

The urge toward optimism, expansion, and growth is unmistakable.

Spring may be the most pronounced season of invigoration and expansion, but we constantly cycle through times to expand and times to contract.

They’re necessary for each other, like the breathing cycle.

We expand to capacity with each inhale.

We contract to exhale what doesn’t fuel our cells.

There is a moment of rest between each breath, a gathering of energy for the next push or pull of air.

I see the relationship between the seasons, breathing, and why clients look for trusted support for identified changes, and those not fully formed or acknowledged.

Regardless of the season, but especially in Spring and the new year, clients talk of urges to make plans and changes and learn skills. I think of it as inhaling the oxygen of change.

The corresponding exhale is to organize their spaces by cleaning away the evidence of past seasons’ purchases, projects, and lifestyles.

They discard paperwork, rearrange their furniture, and gather things for donation. As reliably as the seasons change, they then plan for improvements like better ventilation, lighting, and more accessible storage.

They think about what matters to them, what doesn’t, and what makes them feel open, airy, and true to themselves.

Out with old clothing, decades-old paperwork, and the other things that clog spaces and thinking.

“I’m surprised at how energized I feel just from organizing my stuff!”

I’m not.

I know when we adjust our environment, our thinking changes.

When we declutter our lives, there is room for what’s coming next.

Watching clients flow through this process is as invigorating to me as inhaling the sweet scent of a yellow daffodil on a balmy breezy Spring day. It’s my favorite flower for all these reasons.

Enjoy the changing light and air of the seasons.

Exhale what no longer serves you to inhale the energy of what’s possible. Delight in the gift of another day and another season.

Clear out. Open up. Contract and expand in due course.

Throw open your windows.

Breathe in the fresh air and possibilities .


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