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Hurt Enough Yet?

Some of the most profound changes you can make start from what seem to be minor irritants.

Coaches call them ‘tolerations’.

By definition a toleration is something you’re putting up with, a condition you prefer didn’t exist. It can be anything from lamp that’s too dim, a coworker that whistles, a dirty car, a pay increase that wasn’t what you expected, or a wall color that’s outdated.

It’s stuff that you might feel silly talking about, especially when you compare your tolerations to someone else’s monumental hardships.

But they still bug you, piling up until it feels like nothing is right.

Change begins by acknowledging what you’re tolerating.

Start with a few minutes of naming them. Write them down. Let it flow.

“I don’t like my office chair; my new wallet bothers me. I want a new car. I am bugged by the dog hair on the couch and being late for work.” Go on, write it down. What is it at home, at work, in your neighborhood that bothers you?

You don’t need to try to fix everything at once. It’ll be more effective if you put the list away for a bit of time because when you revisit it you’ll realize some things have been resolved without much effort. I don’t know how that works but it does.

Look at what’s left on the list. What’s within your control and what’s not? Changing what is within your control can take the uncontrollable from a toleration to a condition you can live with.

Acceptance brings peace and order. Order brings opportunity. Opportunity brings chances for the life you want to lead.

Be ready.

“You are a blessing Leslie. Thank you!” – G.S.

Ready for peace and order in your life?

With our compliments, download our template to start your tolerations list today!


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