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Did You Alarm Yourself Again?

4 ways to use phone alarms

Late again? Don’t know if you took your medications or not? Did you miss your favorite show? Oh, no! You forgot to make that critical phone call again!

How embarrassing. It happens occasionally but if it happens repeatedly, it's time to change what you're doing. Or not doing.

Guess what? That tiny computer in your pocket that makes phone calls, takes photos, keeps your notes, gets your emails, and gives you game and music access has a function many people forget about.

It has an alarm system that’s better than any regular alarm clock ever was.

Whether you use an iPhone or a droid, it’s easy to have multiple alarms with different names. It’s so simple; there’s almost no reason for you to forget to do something. If you deal with AD/HD you might forget to set the alarms, but you can also set a recurring alarm for that, too.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to do this for droid phones, but start with this one:

Start here for your iPhone:

There’s even an app from the Galarm folks to share an alarm with someone else. It’s perfect for the person in your life that forgets to set alarms.

But alarms don’t mean much if you can’t remember what they’re for when they sound.

The key is to label the alarm with what you need to do when the alarm sounds. If you don’t label it well, you’ll just get confused when you can’t remember what ALARM means.

Help your future self by reminding:

  • When to leave for your appointment

  • To take your medications (and which one)

  • To turn on the radio to catch your favorite music

  • To remind you who to call and what the number is

  • To sign up for Mastery's helpful emails (Had to slip that in!)

As with anything, though, there’s another side to consider. Remembering that if everything is important, then nothing is important, using too many alarms may cause you to tune them out. Use judiciously.

What will you alarm yourself for?


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