• Leslie @ Mastery Coaching

Chronically Disorganized?

Feel a little nuts and mixed up? Is being on time and decluttered more a dream than your reality?

I teach a popular class: Understanding Chronic Disorganization.

Some people attend in the hope I’ll fix a family member, but most are there for their own sake. (Nope, can’t fix people.)

Common traits of CD are continual lateness, poor money management, packed closets, lost paperwork, incomplete projects, procrastination, and difficulty strategizing and staying on task.

Figuring out which of the many reasons people are chronically disorganized is key to smoothing out a bumpy life. Attention deficits, sabotaging self-talk, inaccurate sense of time, lack of help, or living and work places that are mismatched to one’s needs are just a few factors.

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization offers helpful fact sheets.

If you, a family member or a staff member is chronically disorganized, let’s talk about it. Join us for an already scheduled public class or schedule a talk for your school, community or business group.

Coaching can make a big difference a lot more easily than you might think.