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By the Way....

Wait for it. It’ll come out eventually.

“My boss doesn’t know yet, but I’m moving on to another job.”

“I’m organizing my house because I’m divorcing my wife, and I haven’t told her.”

“I called you because I’m missing something important and will have legal issues if I don’t find it.”

They’re what I call the by the ways.

Somewhere in my 22 years coaching and organizing, I began noticing a pattern: people often have an underlying thought or mission that they haven’t made public.

Often, they didn’t realize it themselves until the organizing and coaching process was well underway. They’re ”aha moments” that give people the added motivation for improving the way they live and work by adjusting their environment and habits.

Clarity. Jazz. Oomph. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a shift in their thinking that happens when desks are cleared, or boxes of accumulated stuff are reexamined, along with the years that it took to acquire it all.

They’re the self-acknowledged, but previously unvoiced, decisions and reasons for my support that only surface when clients can feel the trust to say them aloud.

“I’m going to lose my job if I don’t start arriving on time.” Oh, ok, let’s work through what we can do to get you there on time.

“I’m going broke on late fees.” I understand. Let’s organize how you handle incoming information and your habitual thoughts about paying bills.

“Starting a business has been my dream, but I didn’t try because I was afraid I’d fail.” Talk with me, and we’ll work on your success together.

How you manage your time, space, and information are the foundations on which you craft your life and career. They’re the necessary steps that take you where you want to be.

Thank you for letting me walk along with you.

“By the way,” if you’d like to discuss your journey – wherever you are in your process – I’m offering free 15 Minute Mastery Sessions the last Friday of every month over the phone. Click here to reserve your spot.



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