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Are These Puzzling Clues Trying To Get Your Attention?

Solving the mystery of inconsistency.

In this article I give you insights into 6 ways to understand and accentuate your gifts.

You see clues but don't know what they're pointing toward.

  • You have lists and lists and forget to use them.

  • Late seems to be your middle name.

  • It takes hours to settle into a project.

  • Paperwork is everywhere.

  • You're distracted by things no one else notices.

  • Patience is someone else's virtue.

  • Fire, aim, ready sounds familiar.

You know you're trying your hardest, and things are still not working well. It might be that you're dealing with adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or AD/HD). The hallmarks of ADD are inconsistent focus, distraction, and disorganization.

I prefer to call it Attention Diffused Differently.

According to ADDitude Magazine, The World Health Organization estimates the worldwide prevalence of adult ADHD is 2.8 percent, according to a 2016 study. That’s a lot of people with mental processing systems that are not typical.

It’s not a choice or an excuse. It is a reason.

tiger standing in water looking at the viewer
Is it a threat or not?

It’s the way you’re wired, and there are creditable theories that diffused attention may have kept us from being eaten by advancing tigers.

In the industrialized world, though, ADD can pose significant problems.

Mainstream schools and businesses were created by, and work well, for folks that thrive in academic, routine-following mono-cultured workplaces and societies. But people that are made differently can struggle to find their place and contribute their intellectual gifts. It's like the fight of trying to get your point across when you don't speak the native language.

However, that doesn’t make our industrialized world wrong. Think of the positives. Large-scale systems create products and services that could not be possible in pre-industrial times. Cars, electronics, and financial systems are just a few.