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Am I The Worst You've Ever Seen?

People often ask, “Am I the worst you’ve ever seen?”

How would you answer that? What are they looking for? Is it for me to verify that they’re not so hot at managing the stuff of life? For the expert to assure them that all is not lost (pardon the pun) and is, in fact, manageable?

I think a little of both.

My role is to help them figure out what they want, what they don’t want, what’s within their control, and what is not.

· What is in the way of their goals, literally and figuratively?

· What self-limiting belief is holding them hostage?

· What actions can they do differently?

· How can we structure their environment to accommodate the way they function best?

· Do they need training, advice, assistance, or a sounding board?

That you’re reading this tells me you’re looking for ways to make your life better and want a benchmark to measure yourself against. But that someone is worse has little bearing on you.

It always comes back to how you manage your time, space, information, and responsibilities.

Maybe the most cost-effective and efficient way to maintain your home is to hire regular help. Do you need to declutter? Learn to file? Install better cabinets, closets, or lighting? It might even be that moving to a place that is more appropriate to the way you live is a possibility.

Perhaps it’s as simple as rearranging your workspaces or taking time to clean up files and emails. It could be time to find a job that uses your skills and abilities better or move to a more supportive and positive workplace environment. Can you summon the courage to question associates about how you can increase your production or be a better manager or leader? What new skill or habit can you learn that will take you from frustration to success?

So, when you ask me if you or your situation are the worst I’ve ever seen, I’ll counter with “define worst, and why does it matter?”

We’ll talk about what you want, who you are, and what you have to work with. Then we’ll start the process of getting you organized enough to Master Your Day and Life, whatever that means to you.

At some point in your self-mastery journey, it won’t matter anymore if someone is worse or better than you. You’ll know to only compare your past to your current self and situation. You’ll continue on your path to improving your environment, skills, and habits.


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