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A Masterful Holiday

Surprise, the end of the year holiday season is back!

How can you stay focused, in control, and not feel rushed, pushed, pulled, overspent, overcommitted, over-everything without being ‘over’ it all? What can you do to stay calm, chill, and masterful?

Think about your thinking

Anything requiring predicting, planning, and additional demands on your time and money can cause stress. Holidays tend to add even more. We contend with our expectations plus those of others. A key point to remember is regardless of family, friends, work, or marketing pressures, you can decide how to make the holidays work for you.

Develop a few mottos that will help keep you focused on what you want and what helps you be more content and happier. Perspective is everything!

  • I do a damn good job with what I have.

  • ‘tis better to be solvent than to be Santa.

  • When all else fails: This too shall pass.

Great Expectations From Family & Friends?

All traditions begin with something new. Start your own. It’s OK to say yes to what you want to do, even if it means saying no to what others may wish. Some love a party; some don’t. Prefer vegan to turkey? Go for it.

Caught in the memories?

Quit trying to compete with your childhood, whether it was abundant or felt sparse. You don’t have the same resources your family did. You may have more or less time or money. Work with what you have now to make the holidays work for you.

Master Holiday Finances

Unless you don’t observe any holidays or take vacations, consider holiday spending as part of your regular budget. What do you typically spend? Is it realistic relative to your income?

  • Instead of planning the most you can spend, what’s your lowest estimate? How much can you go over the ‘limit’ and not beat yourself up about failing?

  • Go for ‘no-guilt’ gifts. It’s a more fun and healthy challenge to choose gifts when you decide what you want to spend before you buy so you don’t feel guilty later.

  • Amazon and QVC are not your friends. Curb expensive impulse buys by reviewing your cart later instead of buying it immediately.

Master Holiday Time & Gift Giving

  • Resolve to shop during the year. You’ll feel less pressured during the holiday buying time crunch.

  • Use the Notes app on your phone to keep sizes, preferences, and ideas with you.

  • Donate to a good cause. Choose wisely with

Remember, it’s your money, your time, your expectations and your holiday.

Be Masterful.

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