• Leslie @ Mastery Coaching

Would You Rather Eat a Worm or Cheese?

Isn’t this the best cookie fortune ever?

I posted it where I am reminded every day.

My clients lament that they can’t keep up and want magic answers to help them move more quickly, get more done and slow down the demands. Supervisors tell me their staff needs to speed up and complete more.

I’m all for getting more done if you’re not keeping up with your commitments and responsibilities at home and at work. That said, I can’t make you move faster or jump higher if you’re not made that way. It’s worth remembering that if you were, you’d be moving faster and jumping higher already.

With so many demands in front of you, it’s hard not to try to work more and more quickly, to be more, to do more, especially if you’re fast paced, ambitious or competitive. But what if you’re not? You’re valuable, too.

In contrast to our last post about the value of being a little “early” to arrive (meaning not late), arriving too early or getting done super fast, can work against you if that’s not your normal style.

Fewer mistakes, more time to change your mind as you rethink a hasty decision, and getting different perspectives from others are often far better making than snap decisions, just so you can tick it off your list and move on.

You might ask to be moved to a less hectic position at work, or offer your staff member a chance to try a slower-paced placement.

Good time management habits are an art and skill that come from thoughtful awareness. Knowing when slower is more appropriate is as important as moving quickly.

But when you realize you’re tasting worms, it’s time to slow down and thoughtfully choose which method is more appropriate.

What’s it going to be: Worms and the snap of the trap? Or cheddar, brie, Swiss or bleu?

How are things going for you?

Here to help…