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Penny wise, pound foolish?

“I’ll buy a couple of extras, just in case.” (A new product that turned out to be a dud.)

“If I spend it now, I won’t be tempted later.” (What?)

“I got this ginormous bottle of chili powder at Costco for only $5!” (An 8 year supply.)

“I know I’ll probably be late but I hate to waste time by being early.” (Says the chronically late person.)

Money or time, we try to make decisions on what seem to be the most economical and efficient choices. But sometimes (actually, a lot of times) it ends up working against us.

I call it false economy.

Truly economical, efficient decisions are rarely made spur of the moment or by ignoring your emotional state.

Take a second to question yourself on your decision. Just like WAIT, Why Am I Talking, try WAIT, What Am I Thinking!? (Why Am I Talking: find out more)

So WAIT, think about what thoughts can change the Costco-QVC-Amazon-ebay habit and quit the late arrival chaos that upsets others and ruins your reputation.

The best part of asking yourself is not only to make better decisions, but you’ll also look smarter, less scattered and improve your credibility by being both solvent and on time.

What would you like to improve? Let’s talk. Easy, economical coaching with efficient short chats.


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