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Join us for these online community classes. 

Public classes are offered through Main Line School Night and Mt. Airy Learning Tree  


Understanding Chronic Disorganization 

Ever wonder why some people have a harder time keeping things together? We'll talk about the fundamentals and some underlying causes of chronic disorganization. We'll share techniques and strategies to help those challenged by this common issue to make positive changes in their lives and relationships. Receive numerous resources for continued learning and support. Bring your questions and your sense of humor.

Main Line School Night        Wednesday,  October 20, 2021       6-7:30          NOW ONLINE!       Registration info coming soon.


Information Clutter Control / Managing Info Overload

Bombarded with paper and digital information? Emails, text messages, articles, magazines and more. It can be a challenge to stay on top of it, and critical that you do. Find out how to manage info overload by streamlining your reading material, developing filtering routines, how to set up paper and email files, and using scanner apps to make it easy to scan and know what not to scan. 

Main Line School Night        Saturday,  November 6, 2021       11-1230           NOW ONLINE!       Registration info coming soon.


(Be efficient! This class is right before the afternoon Speed Cleaning class below.)

Speed Cleaning

Stop wasting time cleaning the house. Join us to learn how to get it done faster, better and with less effort. We'll share tips & tricks.

Mt. Airy Learning Tree      check back closer to Fall 2021             

Main Line School Night     Saturday,  November 6, 2021       1-3 pm              NOW ONLINE!!      Registration info coming soon.

Customized additional available topics for your work or community group:

Email to offer these or related topics for your community or business.

Connecting: Understanding How They Think   

Understanding personality and behavioral temperaments improves relationships at home and work. We will discuss and practice a number of commonly used quick assessments.  This interactive session also includes practice on the “coach approach’ to improved communication. 


I’m Stuck!  What Should I Choose?  

Some decisions are easy to make.  Others are not. Having a process to base a decision can take away some of the dread of choosing.  In this class we discuss what helps you lower your stress levels and make high-quality decisions.         

Information Overload & Clutter Control

Bombarded with paper and electronic information? This class is for you if there are emails and papers all over the place and want to be sure you’re keeping what’s important. You will learn ways to organize good storage systems that reduce overwhelm and help you find what you need, when you need it.

No More Paper Clutter for (not just for) Seniors 

What to keep, what to toss, organizing memorabilia, and how to make it easier for others to find your important information if you're not available to help them. 


Beat the Clock with Time Management

Time and attention are increasingly limited as demands increase.  Understanding and using time management techniques improves credibility, reduces energy- and focus-stealing stress, and creates better relationships. We’ll talk about different ways to view, plan and use time to have more fulfilling and productive days. 


Master Your Spaces 

We’ll go room by room in developing a plan to organize and maintain every corner of your home. You’ll reduce stress, save money and live a better life when your home is under control.  Includes how to set up an efficient home office. 

Master Your Day, Master Your Life 

This three-part series will improve your quality of life by focusing on individual strategies in key life areas: effective time, space, information, as well as learning more about personality and communication styles.    (1.5 hours each)


Session 1             Identify organizational and personal areas of focus, develop plans and strategies 

Session 2             Improve relationships by learning more about personality and communication styles 

Session 3             Track your progress, time management, and tune up your future

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