Mastery Coaching has taken the topics that people want to know more about and condensed them into easily accessed Mini Masteries. 
  • Paper Declutter—get rid of the piles
  • Digital Decluttering  -  unload your inbox and e-files 
  • Stop being late! – It’s making people mad at you
  • Legacy –If you care you will WILL
  • Speed cleaning-why would you not? 
  • Understanding Chronic disorganization -
  • Mastery Values – What’s important to you? Why? 
  • Communication- Relationships are transformed when you learn how to communicate better
Mini Mastery classes are perfect for you if things are going well and you want to make them even better. They’re even better if you want a change but don’t know where to start. 
Perhaps you were never taught how to manage your time and information. Maybe you don’t know what to keep, or what to buy, or let confusion activate your procrastination. Even if you deal with adult AD/HD, or especially if that’s you, spending a little time with us can change your trajectory and improve your relationship with your self and those around you. If these describe you, know that we’ve all been there and will help boost you with compassion, empathy, and knowledge. 
This course is for you if your partner, family, or coworkers think you’re unreliable and don’t trust you to be on time and prepared. 
You can benefit from my decades of experience with clients who are just like you: ready to make your day go more smoothly. In addition to what I’ve learned by my own experiences, hundreds of people have shown me what works and what doesn’t. 
My offering teaches you how to manage your time and information efficiently so you enjoy can enjoy more of the things that are important to you.
You’ll learn how to 
  • Find out how Mastery’s CALM method brings order and value to almost anything!
  • enjoy increased credibility with your family, friends, and coworkers when you understand how to plan your time accurately 
  • Protect your time by learning how to gracefully resist the pressures of too many demands
  • Stop wasting money on late fees when you organize your digital and paper information 
  • Reduce stressful chaos from disorganized and overloaded email and digital files
  • Demonstrate that you appreciate the people who care for you by  having your legacy and emergency systems ready before a crisis.
Experience the satisfaction, pride, and calm assurance that comes from mastering your days with confidence, self-assurance, and pride.
I teach you how to recognize when you need better systems and how to create them. I coach you to identify what you want more clearly and incorporate your values into your decisions. We work together to clarify your thoughts, and to accentuate the positives and reduce the negatives that can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and unhappy times.  
With over two decades of coaching people to be bigger and better at home and at work, I’ve watched the benefits that accrue naturally because they’re more self-aware, and smarter about organizing their time, information, and spaces. They learn to make wiser decisions that affect their health, wealth, and relationships. They are happier, healthier, and inspire the people around them to make their lives better too. 
What I offer:
HOW ITS DELIVERED  emails, online zoom meetings, on demand Teachable? (Does teachable have zoom type meetings and automatic emails to send updates to classes? ) 
WHY ITS UNIQUE: Taught by a life coach with over 20 years’ experience as a professional organizer who dislikes pat answers and one-size-fits-all answers, and annoying chirpy cheerleading.